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Salt Tolerant Plants

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Euonymus japonicus Chillipo

Euonymus japonicus Chillipo

Chollipo Euonymus
  • Green and creamy yellow variegated leaves. Evergreen
  • Dense, upright habit
  • Fast growing
  • High tolerance to salt spray & considered drought tolerant once established
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Eutrochium dubium Baby Joe

Eutrochium dubium Baby Joe

  • Dark red-purple stems, large flowers
  • Perfect size for smaller garden
  • Large umbrella-like heads of magenta-pink flowers in late summer
  • Attracts butterflies
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Juniperus chinensis Blue Pfitzer

Juniperus chinensis Blue Pfitzer

Blue Pfitzer Juniper
  • Blue-green needle-like foliage turn a purple hue in the winter.
  • Spreading habit with arching branches that droop at the tips.
  • A great groundcover for mass plantings.
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