At Hardscrabble Farms we pride ourselves on our professional, knowledgeable plantsmen.

Rob Covino - Company Founder & President
Background Info: Rob started the nursery over 30 years ago after finding his landscape company couldn't find the size and quality plant material he needed. After opening the re-wholesale yard, the nursery grew as Rob's interest in specialty plants and conifers expanded - and it keeps on growing!

Mark Abramski - Perennial Manager
Background Info: Mark has been a perennial enthusiast in the wholesale trade for nearly thirty years. He is a certified nurseryman of the Connecticut Nursery & Landscape Association. He has half a lifetime of planting, growing and enjoying all kinds of perennials, ferns and grasses to draw his knowledge from.

Alex Covino - Customer Service/Inside Sales
Background Info: Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from University of Rhode Island. Alex has worked at the nursery full time for over five years.

Corinne Covino - Office Manager
Background Info: The oldest of the next generation of Covinos, joined the staff at Hardscrabble Farms more than six years ago on a full-time basis. Her involvement in the family business prior to this was limited to her summer breaks from college. Corinne has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Cabrini College in Pennsylvania. Corinne manages the office, coordinates out-going deliveries and handles the marketing and advertising for the business.

Ursula Covino - Vice President, Customer Service
Background Info: Ursula, Rob's wife and mother to their children, has been with the company from the beginning. She assists in customer service and is there for anything the company needs.

Adam Pokorne - Sales Manager
Background Info: Adam has been with Hardscrabble Farms for over ten years and works on sales, quotes, locating hard to find product... well practically anything that needs to get done!

Paul Hondorf - Outside Sales
Background Info: Bachelor's degree in horticulture from Syracuse, Paul has been in the industry for 35 years and is an extremely knowledgeable plantsman. Paul has been with Hardscrabble Farms for 6+ years as an outside salesman.

Kevin Covino - Outside Sales
Background Info: Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from University of Rhode Island. Third child of Rob and Ursula. Very enthusiastic about horticulture in general.

Luis - Outside Sales

Gus - Outside Sales